Hay stack syndrom

We are aware of the proverb :
” It is difficult to find a needle in a stack of hay. “
We agree to this statement of fact and have no second thoughts on this issue.

Once Pujya Babuji came to Renusagar to stay with us for a few days. As he normally stayed in the Puja Room, during all his visits to R’sagar, I took extra care to collate all the spiritual books , booklets and notes in the Puja almirah and arranged them in 2 shelves, so that he may have easy access to the spiritual library in his free time.

Upon arrival, he had a small chit-chat with Amita, kids and myself. When he settled down and had a glance on the spiritual library, he asked, ” यह क्या ? इतनी सारी किताबें ! “
When I let the cat out of the bag, spelling out the objective, he said,
” स्वाध्याय नियमित रूप से अवश्य करना चाहिए, पर ‘जीवन यात्रा ‘ में
5 / 7 पुस्तकों का गूढ़ अध्ययन कर उन्हें आत्मसात करने का प्रयास करो !”
He made me make a selection then & there. He remarked,
” It might take you several years to translate all the learnings into reality. But what is significant is that they should be relevant to your chosen path and you should enjoy going thru’ them. In case you find any book too terse, exchange it for something more lucid and interesting! ”

I must add here, he was very assertive in his communication and appreciated the talent of Amita and children. He always praised regularity in दैनिक प्रार्थना both in the morning and evening.
Although he was never in favour of ” daily club life”,
he was particular about keeping a track of sports and health endeavours. This above all he would insist upon a communication forum with children and an oppotunity for fun-humour-laughter every evening.
I remember, we had arranged his talk in the Lions Club.
When he came back, it was late evening and children had settled down to finish their school assigment “home work .”
He called out to ” Bhawani-Bitiya Rani-Gudiya Rani ” and asked,
आज कोई cards trick, स्वांग (धोबिन ) / कविता ( भारतीय रेल) का प्रोग्राम नहीं है ?
To conclude,
1. We need to have focus on 5 /7 books or booklets for
    intensive study, as per our chosen path,
2. Keep library for स्वाध्याय neatly categorized and
    accessible at an arm’s length.
3. पारिवारिक दैनिक प्रार्थना महत्वपूर्ण है। पर communication
   forum and entertainment are equally significant.
4. It is of paramount importance to take spiritual inventory
    on regular basis and make note of their “physical address”
    and the “bin”.
5. More importantly, absorb the fundamental principles and                         LIVE them day in and day out, for meaningful progress,
    whether or not one becomes a ‘role model’ or not.
    It shall save us from the need to memorize them
    and the taxation of recalling them from memory.
मेरे संकल्प है :—
1. उद्देश्य पूर्ण श्रेष्ठ जीवन सुगम. सरस, सार्थक तथा मनोरंजक कैसे बने
     यह जीवन कला सीखना आवश्यक है। अतः उसे अपना स्वभाव
      बनाने का सतत प्रयास कर साधना का महत्वपूर्ण अंग बनाऊंगा !
2. I shall concentrate on the Meditation cassette,
    भावांजलि भाग-2,अखंड साधना, साधना सूत्र, अतीव में प्रिय, अतिसय प्रिय मोरे
    and other small booklets, which are in fact condensed
    notes of Pujya Babuji. I shall FOCUS on one booklet at a time.
    I shall draw a ” to do ” agenda and a structured review
    mechanism on the line of ” As is ” and ” To be ” gap.
3. I shall resume intensive ” निज सत्संग ” तथा ” अन्तर मन “वार्तालाप
    in a more systematic fashion early in the morning at the
   ” Meditation hour. ” on the lines of Gurudev’s guidelines.
4. My assignment is to IMPROVE my own self.
    देश-दुनिया और बंधू-बांधव को सुधारने का ठेका प्रभु का है
    और उन्हीं का रहेगा ।  Period ……. over. All over.
5. Continue to practise “Ignore and let go ” and
    ” Not to get provoked, ” and finally
    ” न किसी से अपेक्षा ; न किसी की उपेक्षा “
6. Take inspiration from recent developments and prompts :–
    ” मैं तो कब से तेरी शरण में हूँ ! “
    ” कुछ बन न पाया मेरे बनाए ! “
    ” तुम अपना रंजोग़म अपनी परेशानी मुझे दे दो ! “
    ” ऐ राद न कर फ़िक्र ! “
    ” अघ खंडन दुःख भंजन जन के, यही तिहारो काज ! “
    ” जाएगी लाज तुम्हारी, नाथ मेरो काह बिगरेगो ! “
    ”  करुणा सागर कहलाते हो, कुछ तो करुणा कीजे ! “
    इन्हीं शब्दों के साथ आज के सत्संग को विराम देता हूँ !
    जय सीताराम !
 – Ajey.

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